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Thermostatic module Select 670/90 for concealed installation for 5 functions

Product features
  • consists of: Thermostatic module, shower holder
  • depending on volume flow and installation situation approx. 50% flow rate reduction and integrated shut off function
  • 5 outlets
  • simultaneous use of several outlets
  • Select push-button on/off control for 5 outlets
  • maximum flow rate at 0.3 MPa: 26 l/min
  • min. operating pressure: 1 bar
  • max. operating pressure: 10 bar
  • safety lock at 40° C
  • hose nut: for shower hoses with conical or cylindrical nut on both sides
  • connection type: basic set
  • scope of supply: handles, sleeves, escutcheon, mixing unit, FixFit and Porter integrated, non-return valve, button Rain large, button hand shower, button mono, buttons PowderRain

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  • Art. no. 18358000


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